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(BOOK 1)

The realm of Terres Nei has been under constant siege since the realm came into existence. The demonic army is led by a dark priestess (Venganza Arcana), five dark elemental priestesses, and a mysterious warlock (Seklas). Venganza and Seklas seek to bring their dark lord Ialdaoboth into the realm to rule the land with their demonic and machine army. Venganza and Seklas almost achieve their goal by opening a portal to the demon realm called Nibiru.

However, coming through the portal, Maleek from Earth finds himself trapped in Terres Nei. Coincidentally, Venganza attempted to open the portal to the demon realm, Nibiru, while  Maleek conducted a dark matter experiment to create unlimited free energy. 

Now Maleek finds himself struggling to get back home by retrieving the five elemental powers from each region throughout the realm of Terres Nei. However, Maleek is seen as an untrustworthy invader from both sides, which makes his journey challenging.


(BOOK 2)

The young physicist and engineer Maleek find himself in Terres Nei after a failed experiment went wrong. The worst part is that Maleek is caught in a middle of a civil war between Terres Neian forces and hellish fiends. To make matters worst,  a sinister witch with immense power "Venganza," seeks to end his life after thwarting her plans, which would have ended the battle in favor of a demonic race. 

To help defend himself and to find a way home, Maleek is sent on a pilgrimage to obtain five elemental powers of the realm. Maleek now heads towards the Urielium region to receive the first elemental power. However, Maleek is betrayed during his journey by the people who thought he would help him. With two factions trying to kill him from both sides, Maleek attempts to fight off his attackers. Now wounded, Maleek struggles to continue his journey alone in a foreign land. 



(BOOK 3)

After releasing the Urielium Pillar from Seklas' control, Maleek is kidnapped and imprisoned in Venganza’s Dungeon. Beaten and nearly starved, Venganza offers Maleek a truce if he helps her produce a child that will be a vessel for Nibiru’s dark god Ilaldaoboth.

During his capture in the high altitudes in the Raphaelium Divum Mountains, Maleek meets Voltus, a mysterious rebel leader whose past is shrouded in family betrayal. Finding an imprisoned comrade, Maleek tries to find a way to escape to continue his pilgrimage to the Raphaelium Pillar. In his dire straits, Maleek worries about surviving two opposing forces who despise his presence and heading to higher altitudes where the weather is unforgiving in deathly ways.


(BOOK 4)

Maleek begins an epic quest as he embarks on a thrilling adventure to obtain the coveted water elemental magic from the legendary Gabreaus crystal pillar! With dreams of harnessing the power of the elements, Maleek teams up with the enigmatic and beautiful middle-aged captain, Namaka, whose mastery of the seas matches her charm.

Setting sail on a grand cargo ship, Maleek and Namaka head east towards the treacherous Gabreaus Mareaum Region. As they traverse enemy-invested waters, their bond grows stronger, and Maleek learns valuable lessons in courage and determination.

However, their journey is not without its obstacles. The ruthless Venganza, a formidable adversary with a dark agenda, is in relentless pursuit of Maleek. Accompanied by the cunning General Priestess Mazumi, they will stop at nothing to prevent Maleek from harnessing the incredible power of the water elemental magic. With danger lurking in the shadow of land and sea, Maleek and Namaka must summon all their wits and strength to outmaneuver their pursuers.

As they approach the Gabreaus crystal pillar, the stakes escalate, and Maleek faces the ultimate test of his character and abilities. Will he find the inner strength to overcome the challenges and claim the water elemental magic, or will Venganza and General Priestess Mazumi succeed in thwarting his ambitions?

Mikaelium Book5KINDLE COVER.jpg

(BOOK 5)

In the fifth installment of "The Dark Ichalocha Book Series," Maleek's quest for justice and redemption takes him to the fiery heart of the Mikaelium region. With the Gabrean lands liberated from the clutches of the corrupted water priestess, Maleek now sets his sights on confronting General Infritus, the formidable fire priest whose flames of tyranny threaten to engulf the realm in chaos once more. As Maleek and his loyal comrades embark on this perilous journey, they find themselves in a desperate race against time to acquire the elusive blue flame crystal tome before it falls into the hands of Venganza and the sinister dark lord, Seklas.

Venturing through treacherous landscapes fraught with danger at every turn, Maleek faces daunting challenges that test his strength, courage, and resolve. From scorching deserts where mirages dance in the heat haze to burning plateaus where the very air shimmers with the intensity of infernal flames, Maleek's path is fraught with peril. Yet, fueled by his unwavering determination to bring peace to the war-torn lands of Ichalocha and to safeguard his home world of Earth, Maleek presses on, undeterred by the daunting odds stacked against him.

But as Maleek draws closer to his goal, he must confront not only the physical threats that stand in his way but also the inner demons that threaten to consume him. Haunted by memories of past failures and tormented by doubts about his own abilities, Maleek must find the strength within himself to overcome his greatest challenge yet. For in the shadowy depths of the valley of violent volcanoes, where the earth itself trembles with fury, Maleek will face his ultimate test of courage and determination—one that will determine the fate of Ichalocha and Earth alike.

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