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Nestled within the embrace of the Gabreaus Mareum region, the primordial forces of nature first unfurled, birthing the vibrant tapestry of life that now thrives across the realm. This enchanting expanse comprises a series of tropical islands, each cradled by vast bodies of water. To the east lies the mighty Modjadji Ocean, while the northern reaches are bordered by the Oshunea Sea, and the southern shores are caressed by the gentle waves of the Kimbazi Sea. However, the serenity of this picturesque setting belies the tempestuous temperament that governs its skies and seas.

The Pillar's purpose, once altruistic, was to disperse the winds of magic across the realm, and its governance rested in the hands of a revered Divum clergy priest. This spiritual guardian, deeply connected in a symbiotic dance with the Pillar, became the conduit through which the mystical forces of the air were channeled.


In the region surrounding the Raphealium Divum Mountains, those fortunate enough to be born under its watchful gaze are bestowed with a divine blessing – the innate ability to harness the power of wind magic. It is a birthright that intertwines their very essence with the elemental forces, marking them as chosen custodians of the sacred arts. Their affinity for the wind is evident in every breath they take and every movement they make, a harmonious dance with the unseen currents that envelop them.

However, not all who aspire to wield the enchanting powers of air elemental magic are born within the privileged confines of the Raphealium Divum Mountains. For those born in distant regions, their path to mastery involves a sacred pilgrimage to the towering edifice of the Topaz crystal. The journey is not merely physical but a profound spiritual odyssey, a test of worthiness that separates the seekers from the unworthy.

Upon reaching the sacred grounds, aspirants find themselves in the presence of the Divum clergy, guardians of the ancient traditions and keepers of the Pillar's secrets.


The selection process is a meticulous one, as the clergy discerns the sincerity and purity of heart of those who seek the blessings of elemental magic. It is not a matter of entitlement but rather one of merit, for the winds of magic do not favor the arrogant or the impure of spirit.


The chosen few, deemed worthy by the discerning eyes of the clergy, undergo a transformative ritual that binds their essence with the Pillar itself. This ritual is a sacred pact, a communion of spirit and magic that echoes through the ages. The Divum clergy priest, acting as a conduit between the terrestrial and the divine, facilitates this profound connection, ensuring that the newfound wielder of wind magic becomes a harmonious extension of the elemental forces.

Yet, not all who embark on this pilgrimage emerge victorious. Many are tested, and only those with an unwavering commitment to the balance of nature and a profound respect for the forces they seek to command are deemed fit for the sacred duty. The journey to the Pillar becomes a rite of passage, a transformative experience that transcends the mundane and connects the seeker with the very essence of the Raphealium Divum Mountains.

As the winds of magic continue to weave their ethereal tapestry across Terres Nei, the Raphealium Divum Mountains stand as a testament to the enduring connection between the mortal realm and the celestial forces that govern it. The Pillar, guarded by the Divum clergy, remains a beacon of hope and a source of mystic power, ensuring that those chosen to wield the winds of magic do so with reverence and humility. In the embrace of these majestic peaks, the dance between mortal and divine persists, shaping the destiny of the realm and those who call it home.

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